Achey Breakey

Meet the Author

The author of the Achey Breakey series, Dr. A. Gonzalez, enjoys writing books that offer humorous takes on life's challenges, as a way to help individuals cope with difficult situations. A professor of design studies for more than 15 years, Dr. Gonzalez writes publications to help teach others how to handle adversity. While writing professional scholarly research, her niece asked, "Why can't you write a children's book?" This simple question inspired her to write one. Her series is written for every child who thinks they don't fit in. She hopes the series will help children embrace their differences and accept others.


One of the most important lessons of growing up is learning how to turn one's weaknesses into strengths. All of the characters in the Achey Breakey series face different obstacles; however, they learn how to overcome these challenges by looking within themselves. These characters start to accept themselves and one another, and learn that everyone is unique.

Dr. A. Gonzalez

Personal Life

Dr. Gonzalez has a PhD in Graphic Design and a master's degree in Nutritional Studies. When she is not teaching or writing on the patio of her Northern Florida home, she is eating chocolate chip cookies or completing morning runs. She also enjoys spending time with her family and receiving great big hugs from her neices and nephews. Her family is her biggest inspiration.

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