Achey Breakey

Teaching Kids to Accept Both Themselves and Others

Help students at your school learn how to be kind to those around them with the help of a new collection of children's literature. The Achey Breakey series is an assortment of educational books for kids that centers on kid-friendly animal characters. The relatable childlike creatures, such as Toby the Chubby Kitty and Achey the Dog, helps 7 to 10 year-olds, learn that it is okay to be different.

The Characters

The major characters in Achey's Big Secret have their own sets of challenges. Toby the Chubby Kitty struggles with his weight, and his roar sounds more like a kitten's meow when he is nervous. Bob the Bird is so weighted down by extra fuzz that he cannot fly, and Achey the Dog is clumsy and embarrassed by her mishaps.

Paperback (5"x8")


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Boy with Book

Best Friends Who Can Travel Anywhere!

Toby the Chubby Kitty has lived on Pineapple Desert Island all his life, and he's never felt like he fits in. One day he meets Bob the Bird who has a hard time flying, and they form a close friendship. They become a trio when they run across Achey the Dog, who spends a lot of time alone because she is extremely clumsy, which embarrasses her. Instead of making fun of each other's flaws, the three friends support each other. In this circle of trust, Achey reveals her greatest secret: she knocked over a book and found a secret world behind her bookcase! Toby and Bob are amazed and impressed, and the three of them go on an adventure. There, they meet new friends, solve unexpected problems, and realize that although they may have thought of themselves as imperfect, they each have valuable gifts and strengths to share.

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